Our Mission

At the heart of our mission lies a burning passion for angling and hunting, driving us to reimagine what's possible. We're not satisfied with the ordinary; we're pioneers, fueled by the pursuit of perfection.

Our goal? To disrupt markets with game-changing products. We reject mediocrity, thriving on innovation and boundary-pushing.

Every cast, every shot, every adventure is an opportunity to challenge convention. Our mission is simple: to build the best, inspiring others to join us in revolutionizing our industries.

Our Technology
Product engineers designing a Trika casting rod

Our Journey

Since 2020 we've poured our efforts into designing, constructing, and rigorously testing rods utilizing groundbreaking materials and methods. The outcome? Rods that redefine the standard: lighter, more sensitive, and longer casting.

Shop Rods
  • Product engineers reviewing a CAD drawing of how the Trika rod is built
  • An engineer testing a Trika fishing rod in an industrial sized machine
  • A close up of the Trika testing facility
  • An engineer testing how far the Trika fishing rods can bend and how durable the Kigan guides are
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