Become a TRIKA Brand Ambassador

We want passionate anglers representing our industry-disrupting fishing rods. TRIKA Ambassadors promote our brand through their social media channels and unique personality.

What You’ll Get as a Brand Ambassador

  • 30% off retail on all Trika fishing rods up to four rods.  Top performers will be moved into the influencer program.
  • Ambassador discount codes will be provided 
  • Early access to new products 

TRIKA Brand Ambassador Requirements

  • Follow TRIKA Fishing across our social media channels:
  • Post 2-3 high-quality photos and/or videos per month on your preferred social media channel. In each one, a TRIKA product must be featured.

  • We encourage you to be active on our social media

  • Use the following tags and hashtags on TRIKA social media uploads: 
    • @TRIKAFishing
    • #TRIKAfishing
    • #TRIKArods

Represent TRIKA

Fill out our application below. We’ll contact you directly if you’re the right fit to become a TRIKA ambassador. 

 All personal information will remain confidential and used only for internal purposes. All Ambassador discounts should be used for personal use only and not for resale.