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Trika rods combine a proprietary carbon-weave blank, custom carbon reel seat and a hollow carbon handle to create an echo chamber for amplified vibration. The result is a more sensitive, lightweight and strong fishing rod.

"Because these rods do not use off the shelf components they have a very refined custom feel"

Zander - Tackle Tour

“So sensitive - the best way I can describe is it’s like an extension of your arm. The sensitivity on this rod is second to none”

Garret Clark - GC Bassin

“You can really feel those walleyes just starting that subtle bite and then we’re hooking them up”

Charlie Nelson - Nelson’s Guide Service

"Trika rods are hands down the most sensitive rods I've ever used. From bass fishing to crappie fishing you can feel the slightest bite”

C&C Guide Service

“I have fished with a ton of different high end rods and nothing compares to how light and sensitive these rods are”

Beau Allen - Tournament Angler

    Direct-to-Angler Savings

    Trika’s direct-to-consumer sales approach eliminates the middleman. You buy a Trika rod for less than half that of any other high-end rod.

    The Way

    The Traditional Way


    Fish it for 365 days, if you don't love it - return it!

    Our rods are built different, cast different, and feel different. Our patent-pending 100% carbon-weave rod blank is engineered, designed, and manufactured in the USA. Trika rods are lighter and more sensitive than the competition.
    The human hand has more than 17,000 nerve endings detecting vibrations from 5Hz – 150Hz. Trika rods are lighter and more sensitive than the competition, so that you can feel that subtle bite.
    It’s simple: Longer and more accurate casts keep your bait in the strike zone longer. Trika rods eliminate recoil and reduce tip oscillation for longer and more accurate casts.

    Why Trika?

    Trika rods are lighter and scientifically proven more sensitive. Independent lab testing proves the proprietary weave design in Trika rods are twice (2x) as sensitive as high-end competitive rods.


    More Sensitive on Average


    Longer Casts on Average

    A hunter that is bowhunting and an angler casting a Trika fishing rod that showcases the variety of businesses the owners have built from scratch