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  • Superior Sensitivity

    Trika rods are Trika rods are 1.5x to 2x more sensitive than competitive rods.

  • Carbon Fiber Weave

    Our patent pending carbon weave process makes our rods lightweight, durable, and ultra-sensitive.

  • Direct Savings

    Our direct-to-consumer business model eliminates the middleman markup cutting the retail cost in half.

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Directional Weave

High directional weave is lighter and stronger.

Directional Weave i

Sensitivity defines how well a rod can transmit information from the end of the line to the angler's hand.

Sensitivity i
Spined and Balanced

Spined rods enhance the power and action, while balanced rods provide better ergonomics and less fatigue.

Spined and Balanced i

365 days unconditional money-back guarantee. No questions asked.

Guarantee i

Any abnormalities in quality or materials will be reimbursed or replaced.

Warranty i
100% Carbon Blank

Our proprietary carbon weave process transfers more vibration for higher sensitivity.

100% Carbon Blank i

Amplifies vibration to the reel seat for increased sensitivity.

EkkoChamber i
Titanium Guides

Light and corrosion resistant.

Titanium Guides i
Titanium Tip

Titanium frame that is light, tangle free, and durable.

Titanium Tip i
1.5x more  
2x more  

Custom Carbon Components

100% Carbon Blank


Vibration travels down the blank to the center of the rear grip and then is amplified back to the reel seat increasing sensitivity at your hand.

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  • Why choose Trika?

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    Scientifically proven

    Trika rods have been scientifically tested by an independent testing lab against the top brands on the market today. The results speak for themselves, and the detailed report is online.

    View the report
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    A history of disruption

    Trika is a team of experienced professionals whose focus has always been to create new innovative products for the outdoors industry. Our team developed Rage Broadheads, Ravin Crossbows, IQ Bowsights, Block Targets, and GlenDel 3D targets to name a few. We are now focused on the fishing industry.

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    LTD lifetime warranty

    All Trika products have a 365 love it or return it guarantee for a full refund. We also warranty our products against any abnormalities in craftsmanship or materials.

“Nothing short of amazing.”

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