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Why Buy Your Fishing Rod Direct

Purchasing a new fishing rod online directly from the manufacturer can seem like a substandard approach. However, before you write off the idea, here are a few benefits to consider!  

Three Reasons to Buy Direct From a Fishing Rod Manufacturer

1. The Power Without the Marked Up Price. Buying direct allows you to get a higher-end spinning or casting fishing rod at a much lower cost than what you would get from a dealer or retail store. That’s because distributors and dealers need to get paid. The resulting price increase gets passed along to you—the consumer.

Typically, a rod that costs $350 bought directly from the manufacturer can run you upwards of $700 when purchased from the dealer. Why pay for a marked-up price if you don’t have to? 

This cost savings means you can purchase more rods, upgrade the quality of your product, or spend the rest of your money on the reel to go with it. 

If you want a lower fishing rod cost without sacrificing quality, it’s best to get it directly from the people who make it!

2. Customer Service Representatives Who Listen. Without a middleman slowing things down, you benefit from more personalized and attentive customer service.

Whether it’s a question about performance or maintenance, you benefit from having a real-live person to help you become more comfortable with your new product.  

If an issue or concern arises, the fishing rod manufacturer can receive customer information firsthand and handle the situation quickly and efficiently, saving both time and frustration.

3. Warranties That Actually Mean Something. Because you’re talking directly with the fishing rod manufacturer, you can get a better warranty offer. At TRIKA, we offer a comprehensive, limited lifetime warranty for our products. 

Perhaps more excitingly, and above all other manufacturers, we provide a 365-day money guarantee. This promise allows our customers to trial-run our products for an entire year to ensure it’s the right fit and feel. 

If you don’t love your TRIKA fishing rod, send it back for a full refund of the purchase price or a replacement rod. We aim to help you find your perfect rod—no matter what it takes. 

TRIKA is Reinventing the Fishing Rod Industry

Direct-to-consumer sales are growing exponentially in the United States as more customers find the benefits of leaner business models with better communication and value. 

At TRIKA, we’re glad to be among the businesses offering customers the opportunity to buy direct. After years of crafting, building, and testing out various fishing rod configurations and technologies, we’re proud to provide fishing rod models that exceed your expectations without breaking the bank.  

Today, TRIKA rods are known for being perfectly balanced with long casting abilities and nuanced responses so you can make the most of your time by the water and #HookMoreFish. 

Shop our TRIKA spinning and casting rods and feel the difference good craftsmanship can make. We’re proud to be your fishing rod manufacturer, offering you direct-to-consumer pricing, personalized customer service, and some of the best warranties around. 

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Hi folks
I just received my first Trika rod. I’m wondering which rod you recommend for fishing panfish as perch and bluegill. I noticed you really don’t have an ultra light rod.I’m really anxious to try this out tomorrow.Thank you for your prompt delivery 🚚.Thank You Dennis


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