Spinning Rod vs. Casting Rod

Spinning Rod vs. Casting Rod

Deciding between a casting and spinning rod often depends on personal preference, technique, and goals. Whether you’re an amateur angler or a seasoned one, we recommend a few considerations as you upgrade your fishing rod.

Types of Fishing Rods 

Different fishing rods allow you to achieve your desired result on the water. While some rods prioritize versatility, others are built for specific methods (fly fishing, surf fishing, and trolling fishing rods come to mind.) 

At TRIKA, we have revolutionized two of the most popular types of fishing rods: spinning and casting. Let’s break those two down further to help you find the right fit for you.  

Spinning Rod vs. Casting Rod 

TRIKA spinning rod on white background.

First, spinning outfits are sometimes considered the “Beginners’ Style” rod and reel combo because they’re relatively easy to use. 

Spinning rods:

  • Are easy to cast
  • Don’t require a special technique
  • Offer versatility 

While beginners often prefer them, this doesn’t mean they’re not useful for seasoned anglers.

For techniques requiring finesse, light lures, light lines, and windy conditions spinning rods and reels are the way to go. Because there’s no resistance on the line during the cast, you can get a small, light bait further than you could with typical casting outfits, without experiencing any backlash in the line. 

The bottom line: If your application is for light line, small/light baits, and finesse techniques, then a spinning rod and reel is probably right for you. 

TRIKA casting rod on white background.

Casting outfits require a bit of practice to perfect, and even then, an occasional backlash is inevitable. But they also offer unique benefits with optimal results. 

Casting rods:

  • Have more and smaller line guides compared to spinning rods
  • Are built with a stiffer spine, making it easier to reel in larger catches
  • Offer better casting accuracy and distance 

Fishing crankbaits, heavier jigs, flipping/pitching, and bigger swimbaits with a casting rod and reel allow you the proper casting distance, comfort, accuracy, and control. 

The bottom line: For applications requiring heavy lines, bigger lures, more leverage, and torque leaning to cast or using a casting rod and reel are typically more suitable than Spinning equipment.

Why Fishing Rod Quality Matters

The next time you’re thinking about what rod you should purchase, imagine what type of fish you’re hoping to bring in and how you want to do it. Let that guide your decision-making. Beyond looking at the kind of fishing rod you need, consider quality. The higher the quality of your rod, the better the impact on the water. 

TRIKA: Powerful, American-Made Fishing Rods

Infographic about TRIKA's technology. 7% lighter, 2x more sensitive, 26% longer casts.

At TRIKA, we bring innovative American-crafted fishing equipment directly to you—our customers. Innovative technology backed by years of research means you reap the benefit of hard work without the marked-up expense. 

If you need more help picking out your new fishing rod, call or email our TRIKA headquarters and talk to one of our dedicated customer service representatives. Our passionate, knowledgeable team will be glad to guide you in the right direction.

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