Understanding Rod Power

Understanding Rod Power

How ‘NOT’ to get beat up by a fish- Lifting power in a rod is one of the most crucial attributes. Whether in the Gulf chasing Redfish, or flipping and pitching the heaviest cover, this is something that should not be overlooked. The mid-section flex of the rod when under load helps with controlling the fish, directing it where you want it to go, help with fish surges near the boat, and head shakes. Without good lifting power designed and built into the rod it is easier for fish to shake free and tear larger holes where the hook had penetrated drastically increasing the chances for the fish to get free. Trika rods have all been engineered and designed for optimization of lifting power creating the ultimate multispecies rod. Not only will you be tournament loaded for national level tournaments, but inshore species will be no match for Trika high performance rods.
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I bought the 7ft MF. I run all St Croix Xtreme and Elites, I can’t wait to see 42% more sensitive. So I guess I’ll be the judge.


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