Advantages of Using Braided Fishing Line

Advantages of Using Braided Fishing Line

By using braided main line on both spinning and baitcasting reels with the addition of a fluorocarbon leader you can save money, use better products, and increase performance. With 100% premium fluorocarbon fishing lines costing well over $30 a spool it’s hard to justify the use of such high-end product. While the benefits are clear - abrasion resistance, low visibility, low stretch, and better knots in most cases, it’s hard to open the wallet for something that’s only going to last a few months. Not to mention the UV ray damage, line memory and other issues from sitting on the spool stagnant.

The solution? Use a good quality braided fishing line as your base. Braided lines have an extremely long shelf life with no memory or other issues from sitting on a spool for an extended period. Braided lines are also beneficial for sensitivity, hooksets, and for floating bait applications. For example - if you have a reel setup with 20lb Spectra, and you can afford one spool of premium grade fluorocarbon for leaders, it will last years. Not only that but you can interchange line ratings on the reel without stripping the line off, just simply change the leader. The initial cost is a bit more but over a year or two you saved hundreds of dollars.

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